Best albums of the whole year

These albums are the best albums of the whole year out of all the albums that there are and so you should listen to these albums and shun all other albums which are SHIT! little xs for eyes – Everywhere Else The hottest Digipak of the year! When I listen to Everywhere Else I … … Continued

A Retrospective 1995-2015 review

Reviews are strange things. They’re one of the few times I can get an honest idea of what an audience member really thinks about my work. I don’t really care if they like it or dislike it, I would’ve quit stand-up a good while ago if I valued other people’s opinions more than my own. … Continued

Edinburgh 2015 Mk IV

So here’s a synopsis of what happened over the rest of my time at the Edinburgh festival: The old guy singing about the past who was on before our show kept running over and it was annoying! He even collected money off the audience that had come in to see me and Alison’s show who … Continued

Edinburgh 2015 Mk III

— Boil those stones! That was Alison’s advice to me yesterday morning. I’ve a bit in my new show that involves me filling my mouth with stones, so I got up this morning and collected some from the park across the road. I got a selection of sizes, but as it turns out, my mouth … Continued

Edinburgh 2015 Mk II

My bag got on the flight! As did I! After I got into Edinburgh I went to the Stand to meet Alison and Peter Flanagan. We had some nice pasta and aubergine and I drank two glasses of wine, which was seemingly too much wine. Then me and Alison and Giles [Brody] worked on our … Continued

Edinburgh 2015 Mk I

I’ve been going to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world’s biggest arts festival, since 2010. It’s so big and yet the scariest bits are the small intimate moments with the frequently tiny ‘crowd’, for want of a better word [like audience], at the shows us new-ish/up-and-coming/still-up-and-coming acts do. The first show I ever did in … Continued

The Garage

Back during prohibition times, when we were teenagers, I used to run a small speakeasy from my garage. I didn’t drink, as I didn’t want to upset God, but I facilitated all my buddies, like Jesus would’ve done. The garage had guitar amps and deck chairs and a desktop PC we used to very gradually … Continued


I’d like to teach you a little bit about colours. I’m not a teacher, but I did play one in a short lived RTE webseries, so I’m pretty sure I know how to do it. Colour is a property of light that we humans like the most. It’s the one that makes the setting sun … Continued

The Jack Special, The Stephen Pounder & the Conor Burger

I went in to visit Tony today, the man who sells onion rings and chips. I thought me and Tony’s relationship was strained somewhat as I once tried to record a documentary about the Jack Special, a chicken-bacon-taco-garlic-cheese-chips dish he invented in an attempt to get a boy named Jack to ‘make nice boy’ in … Continued